Random UKM conversation in a Facebook message

I just wanted to share this conversation and hopefully it makes you giggle just as much as it made US giggle this morning!

Preface:  UKM’s 1-4 discussed adding another UKM to the group because we wanted someone with a baby added into the mix, to share her trials, tribulations, and of course, giggles! 

One of our UKMs has a cellphone with the most EPIC auto-correct known to man.  And when I say EPIC, I mean EPICALLY-AWESOME.  It comes up with words that no one has ever heard of, and most conversations via text or FB messages turn into complete giggle-fests.  In addition, we’re slowly concocting a new language, purely out of auto-correct fails!

Here is our FB Message conversation this morning to UKM#5 (WARNING: young eyes may not want to see some of the language):

UKM#1:  Hey “x”!  I’ve cc’d UKM’s 2-4 on this because we’re the “Unknown Mommies”, and we’d like to add you as an Admin!  You can be UKM#5!  We think that because you are a “baby momma”, in that, you have a baby, might appeal to our audience.  Interested?

UKM#3:  Be our baby mama.  Plus, you offer some unique perspectives because you’re new to being an Ashmolean.

UKM#1:  A what?!

UKM#3:  Ashmolean means stay-at-home-mom in my phone land.  Laminate! (This is an auto-correct from UKM#1’s phone for “LOL”)

UKM#1:  L…M…A…O!!!

UKM#3:  Can’t breathe

UKM#1:  I’m begging you, don’t EVER get rid of your phone!

UKM#3:  I wonder what Ashmolean is?!?!

UKM#1:  I’m crying!  Laughing so hard!

UKM#1:  (after Googling “Ashmolean”)


UKM#3:  Oh yeah… well I’m sure #5 is related to Elias.  My phone must know that.

UKM#1:  Your phone is so smart.

UKM#2:  OH. MY. GOD!!!!  Can’t stop laughing!!!!  Wtf?  Is your phone fucking high????  That is some funny fucking shit right there!

UKM#3:  My phone kept auto-correcting YOU to YUI yesterday.  What phone does that?!

UKM#2:  I’m going to call my mother-in-law Ashmolean because it sounds bad and she’s an ancient artifact.

UKM#1:  An Ashmolean window-licker?

UKM#2:  OMG!  Best morning laugh ever!  Loved it!  My phone is asking me what “Ashmolean” is.  It’s red-lining it.  Lol!  Your phone is way smarter than our phones, #3.

UKM#1:  Hers has passed the smart phone.  Hers is fucking BRILLIANT!

UKM#2:  Mine just denies me when I ask her to marry me.  Bitch.

UKM#5:  I just wet myself from laughing hysterically over this feed.  I would love to be your Ashmolean!

UKM#1:  Yay!  UKAshmolean!

UKM#3:  Greetings Ashmolean!

UKM#1:  I feel like when we say “Greetings, Ashmolean”, it should be followed up with “Take me to your leader.  LOL!  Sorry, that was probably funnier in my head than how it came out typed…



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